Cleanse Your Body and Awaken Your Natural Healing Power

You are Unique, Your Detox Journey Should be Too.

Regenerative Detoxification restores cellular function and the body's innate capacity to rejuvenate.

We use lab tests, whole foods, herbal medicine, low-toxic alternatives and other detox modalities  to guide you on your cleanse


Why We Need To Detox

We are all suffering as a result of today's toxic world.


Even if we eat little to no processed foods, sleep well, meditate and/or exercise regularly, we are still all exposed to heavy metals and toxic chemicals from our environment that damage our organs and weaken our natural ability to detox and eliminate toxic waste.

When the natural  flow of biotransformation & elimination is disrupted, the body stores toxic waste deep within our tissues - including our fat tissues and brain tissue. Overtime, this bioaccumulation (or gradual accumulation of substances or chemicals in an organism) makes you sicker and sicker. 

Toxins are #1 driver of disease today.

For the best cleanse possible, we have to reduce toxins that we're exposing ourselves to day in and day out. This allows the body to release bioaccumulated toxic waste from our tissues (instead of focusing on all the toxins coming in every day!).

Toxin exposure is a form of stress in the body.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is also related to symptoms and conditions such as: 

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Body aches and pains

  • Poor memory and concentration

  • Inability or difficulty to exercise

  • Poor liver and kidney detoxification

  • Diabetes

  • Cardiovascular (heart) conditions

  • Immune dysregulation or problems fighting off infections

  • Autism or autism-like behaviours

  • And many more…

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The Detox Lounge Member Benefits

We can never get well in the same environment that got us sick o begin with.

Members have access to our Low-Toxic Lifestyle Course. Make your home your own healing oasis in just 5 Weeks.

Our homes should be a safe and healing space for our body to rest, reset & rejuvenate in. 

We’ve done all the work for you, all the research, experiments and trials (and spent all the money) to make transitioning to a low-toxic lifestyle easy, simple and inexpensive for you.

The Detox Lounge Members have access to 

Herbal Detoxification


*  Monthly Live Calls with Jules will help assess and guide you on your own personalized cleansing & healing journey  *

  • Organ-specific Cleanses // Gut, Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney Cleansing

  • Daily Detox Practices

  • Low-Toxic Home & Lifestyle 

  • Discount on Nation-Wide Infrared Sauna, Lymphatic Drainage, Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions (Limited areas)

What is Regenerative Detox?

Regenerative Detox supports rebuilding tissue that is weakened or failing, and supporting detoxification is the method used to remove the toxic build up that have caused these tissues to become inflamed and deteriorate in the first place.

The body is designed to repair, build, and regenerate itself when given the right environment and care to do so.

Regeneration has three main components to it; nourish, alkalize, and detoxify. All three work together and are inseparable.

  • Nourishing your cells with energy from living foods is vital to robust health. Without the power of live foods, which are full of nutrition and electricity, you cannot accomplish alkalization and detoxification.

  • Alkalization is vital to tissue regeneration because it is anti-inflammatory. It builds electrolytes for proper ionization, oxidation and neutralization. It allows for proper cellular respiration and for the distribution of nutrients throughout the body.

  • Detoxifying cleanses all the obstructions, irritants and stimulants, like mucus, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides out of your body. This allows for proper digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination.