Essencia Wellness began with the vision that we can all achieve true wellness that
s sustainable for life with a
nourishing food foundation.

When we treat food as medicine,
we give ourselves a chance to heal from within
and optimize our life experiences with vitality.

This is a world we would like to inspire. 


"A healer is not someone that you go to for healing.

A healer is someone that activates within you,

your own ability to heal yourself " 



Our mission is to transform the health of humanity through nutrition.

Essencia Wellness has been dedicated to not only helping people restore health with nutritional therapy but also encouraging the power of cultivating food freedom and minimizing toxicity to achieve prosperity, peace, and well-being for all.


Our services provide you with a transformative wellness experience that aligns you

with a healthier, happier, and more balanced life.

Essencia Wellness offers specialized nutrition therapy and detoxification analysis for a variety of health conditions.

We utilize functional lab tests, whole foods, supplements, herbal medicine, and lifestyle strategies,

 as a part of every bespoke wellness experience.  


No healing journey is linear or exactly alike, and we want to give you the expert guidance to understand your

unique needs and reclaim balance with the way you nourish yourself.    



We believe that the body has a capacity and desire to heal itself when given the proper foods appropriate for our unique biology. There is no need to "diet", instead,

we must reconnect with real food to thrive.


Our guiding principles identify obstacles hindering our innate healing process and helps you 

solidifying a sustainable food foundation so that you can take back control of your health. 




Nourish yourself with foods that support your metabolism and your unique biology. Food should fuel our metabolism and support detoxification for long-term wellness.
Learn to navigate through a world filled with quick fixes & fad diets by empowering yourself with evidence-based habits that will nourish your body & make it thrive

"You already have the precious mixture that will make you well. Use it."  -Rumi

Prism on Hand
Advanced Lab Testing

We skip the guesswork by utilizing advanced lab tests conveniently sent to your home. This helps us better understand your body on a cellular level.  This allows us insight into why your body is reacting the way that it is. 

 The labs we provide offer a more thorough assessment of a whole-body wellness to provide information that standard labs might normally overlook.

▸ Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test (at-home)

▸ Organic Acid Test (at-home)

▸  Comprehensive Nutrient Panel (Local Lab or mobile lab)

▸ ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test (Local Lab or mobile lab)