Nourish Thyself

 The Human body in its balanced state cannot hold space for dis-ease. We are not meant to suffer, and we shouldn’t have to. Your body will reciprocate the love and care with vital healing energy.  


All true healing is ultimately self-healing. Any disease that is created within the body can be healed by the body if given the ideal internal, cellular, energetic environment conducive to healing.

The 4 Essentials is an effective approach to align your health by restoring the body to its

natural rhythm and harmony, a place where healing can begin.

By integrating personalized nutritional care with our three other powerful essentials

minimizing toxins, meditation, and movement —

Essencia Wellness gives you the tools you need for vibrant health and wellbeing.

You deserve self-nourishment every day. 



Nourish yourself with foods that support your specific needs and deficiencies. Food should fuel your body and lift your consciousness. By establishing purpose and intention with the food that you consume, you will develop a profound appreciation for its nourishing properties designed to heal you from the inside out.

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Restorative Movement with real experts carefully designed to help support the free flow of Qi energy, oxygen, lymphatic drainage for optimal wellness. Movement encourages fluidity and diminishes stagnation, stiffness or rigidity in the body, both physically and energetically.

Create space for a higher level of awareness to evolve by being present, meditating, and applying stress management practices into your day allows you to take care of yourself even in the midst of uncertainty.

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"You already have the precious mixture that will make you well. Use it."  -Rumi

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Advanced Lab Testing

We skip the guesswork by utilizing advanced lab tests conveniently sent to your home. This helps us better understand your body on a cellular level.  This allows us insight into why your body is reacting the way that it is. 

 The labs we provide offer a more thorough assessment of a whole-body wellness to provide information that standard labs might normally overlook.

▸ Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test (at-home)

▸ Organic Acid Test (at-home)

▸ ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test (Local Lab or mobile lab)