What Clients are Saying:


I lost 30 pounds working with Jules and have maintained that loss for over 6 months. The way I view food has completely changed for the better. It doesn't feel overwhelming or discouraging to think of nutrition and my health. 

 - Emily, Maryland

 "My favorite part was doing the htma test and getting to know in-depth what my body needs, as well as how I could supply its deficiencies in an appropriate manner. I was surprised to find that my mineral imbalances were significant and that I needed to work on them. This was relieving In a sense because my numerous failed attempts at weight loss in past, now made sense." 

 - Samantha, Ohio

"Jules is a life savor. I suffered from insomnia, PMS, and mood swings. It wasn't until I met her, that I truly realized that what I needed was to look outside of dieting and get more in tune with what my body was telling me. Sometimes you feel stuck with nowhere to turn and no  answers but I wanted real health results and Jules helped me get there! Thank you !!  


 - Sarah L., New Jersey

 "It is an all-encompassing program that is specifically tailored to my body, my life and my habits. It does not focus on simply diet and exercise but rather, a variety of external elements that all play a part in impeding our progress and  wellbeing. Definitely a one of kind experience. Very professional, precise and evolving. " 

 - Chris W., Georgia

"My energy has transformed. I'm down to 1 cup a coffee per day out of 3. Down 20 pounds and still following my personalized diet regimen. It's that easy!"


 - Ray F., New York

 "A one-stop-shop for everything wellness!

Working with Jules felt simple, proactive, and totally possible like I could achieve anything... like dropping 20 pounds, eating tons of vegetables (and enjoying it), moving my body 5x a week, and keeping up with my green smoothies.

Life is good. Thanks again!



 - Cameron L., Washington

"You HAVE to try this holistic program I just did! It targets literally everything that is toxic in our daily lives instead of giving you a weekly diet plan.  I learned why I was unbothered by extreme life events, why my libido was low and why I always wanted to take naps. This thing is LIFE CHANGING. Everyone should do it at least once in their lives."


 - Raiza M., Florida

 "My husband and I have been on our health journey for 25 years now, so we have a very good understanding of our health and using food as medicine. Although, working with Jules has helped us understand the scientific aspect of our health and wow, we were definitely missing out on a lot. 

She is our go-to nutritionist for life!

 - Catarina & Jacob S., California

 "Jules is a wealth of knowledge!  I learned things that I will take with me for the rest of my life, She doesn't just guide others on how to nourish their bodies, she lives it on a day to day basis. She takes a holistic approach and has helped me in numerous ways to improve my health." 

 - Jamie S., Connecticut

 " In such little time I lost 20 pounds and am changing my lifestyle. The wellness plan she has given me works!

I'm starting to feel better as a continue to follow everything she is telling me

 - Tayrone, New Jersey