Board Certified Holistic and Functional Nutritionist weaving together ancient wisdom and modern science to elevate you towards greater wellbeing.
Meet Our Founder & Holistic Functional Nutritionist
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As a Certified Holistic Functional Nutritionist, board-certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioner (AADP), she addresses health from a whole-body perspective. Acknowledging that every part of us and our lifestyle influences the whole.


With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Jules works with her clients based on their specific individual biochemical needs and guides them through personalized nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and supplementation protocols. She utilizes specialty lab testing to piece together an actionable roadmap to vibrant health that is both individualized and collaborative. As a truth seeker, her practice and enthusiasm for connecting the dots between symptoms and the root cause have allowed her to help 100's of individuals get real long lasting results. 


Beyond her comprehensive background in nutritional therapy and health coaching, Jules is also a Detoxification Specialist, Breathwork coach, and nature lover. Along with redefining the art of healing with foods, she is also committed to helping regenerate the natural environment through educating her community on the health benefits of minimizing toxins, choosing local organic food, soil health, and sustainable living. Our health is dependent on the health of our planet. Over 80% of chronic dis-eases are not genetic, but environmental.

Jules is devoted to bringing you clarity, truth, and simplicity in the way you nourish your unique individuality as a whole for greater well-being.

It's time for great healing. Of the people. Of the ecosystem. Of the food culture.

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