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Initial Consultation

Duration | 90 Minutes | $ 325

Initial Consultations are detailed and thorough, whereby, I spend time exploring your health history, symptoms, nutritional needs, health challenges, and goals. 


We will identify what your body is really communicating through symptoms, & where you need to begin to start your journey to thriving health. 

  • Deep dive into healthy history and symptoms
  • 3-day food journal
  • Analysis of your results (all testing purchased separately)
  • A personalized bio-individual protocol or Recommendation
  • 4 Weeks of email support to help you get started on your protocol

If you would like to request a lab test, please add it to the notes when bookng and I will get in contact with you for further instructions.

Follow up

Duration | 35 Minutes | $ 150

For recurring clients who have gone through an initial consultation or one of the programs and need to revisit their health concerns or need additional support.


Lab tests may be requested to review your progress or up-level your health with new data and protocol treatment. 


Follow-up consultations are usually booked every 3-4 weeks, allowing for modifications according to your personal progress, assessing lab tests, and nutritional supplement recommendations

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What To Expect

100% Online


Confidential one-on-one online nutrition meetings ensure dedicated time to solve your problems and work through challenges.


A wide array of testing gives us more data about your health and allows for a greater opportunity to uncover the root imbalances that need to be addressed for optimal health and/or performance.


The road to leading a healthier, more balanced life can feel challenging.. it is simply not easy, but with an accountability partner by your side, I am here to support and facilitate lasting nutrition & daily habits.


Our sessions will teach you the foundation of nutritional science so you can gain confidence in how to care of your body for life and become your own healer.