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“Thank you, for being so great at what you do.  I’ve met a lot of nutritionists, dietitians, etc. over the years and your advice and guidance continues to be the most helpful.”

Carol C.


Brenda B.

"With several health issues including ulcerative colitis, kidney stones, and acid reflux, I didn’t know what to eat and how to feel better.  I struggled for years and with Jules help, those painful years are behind me. Jules recommendations was monumental for my recovery. I can now eat a slice of pizza with my kids without struggling for days afterwards.  Forever grateful for your help!”

Kaitlin R.

"Jules has helped me with my  thyroid and blood sugar.

The tests that we did uncovered major imbalances in my gut and we got started on repairing it.  Jules looks at the entire well being of the body, not just a symptom. She is warm, honest, encouraging and understanding. My thyroid is happy, I've lost 25 pounds and feeling like I'm in my 20's again."

Daniel B.

"I'm happy to take this moment to let you know how deeply grateful I feel to have found you. Ezra and I feel so blessed. Since the start I felt understood and like we were on the same team fighting for my health.. for my life. After a bout of mold exposure, my and my family's health deteriorated. I am very well knowledgeable about health but Jules took it to the next level. I've transformed through this experience with Jules." 

Theresa C.

“Jules is caring, warm, knowledgeable, accessible and effective.  She guided me through the ups and downs of Crohn’s disease and greatly improved my quality of life.” 

Kate D.

“I’m writing to express my gratitude in how important Jules has been in my health journey and admittedly in some of my weakest days. I always would say to myself, ‘hang in there, Jules knows what she’s doing and she’ll fix me up’ and sure enough she did.”

Sandra R.

“Thank you so much for all of your help and your creative approaches to my diet. I really appreciate all that you taught me about nutrition and how much you helped me in figuring out a diet that works for me. It really has made all the difference in managing my fibromyalgia and keeping me feeling well on a daily basis.”


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