Essencia Wellness exists to create a healthier, more balanced society.

This is a space for investigating & addressing the underlying root causes of gut health issues to reclaim
a true state of health

The Approach

My services provide you with a transformative and highly personalized healing experience.


The body has an innate intelligence to heal itself and return to a state of optimal health when given the appropriate conditions conducive for

YOUR bio-individual wellbeing.


Nutrition is unique to each person and gut health is fundamental for optimizing whole body wellness.

That's why I take a holistic, individualized approach to optimizing health with a special focus on gut health.

Our Functional Nutrition consultations focus on helping you understand your unique health challenges and opportunities to simplify health.. and get you RESULTS! 

No healing journey is linear or exactly alike, and I want to give you
the expert guidance you need to start feeling healthier, and as vibrant as you are meant to be.

Better health, better life, better you.

Wellness is a Connection of Paths: Awareness, Strategy, and Action

Functional Lab Tests Offered

Together with a comprehensive consultation, our commitment to clients in achieving optimal health incorporates the utilization of functional lab testing.

Functional lab testing may be used to investigate functional, biochemical, nutritional, and metabolic status. Relevant testing provides an accurate & comprehensive view for each case, where we create your treatment plan suited to your individual results. 


  • Gastrointestinal Map Stool Test

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test

  • Micronutrient Blood Panel

  • MRT Food Sensitivity Test

  • Total Tox-Burden Panel

  • Methylation Test

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What to Expect

100% Online


Confidential one-on-one online nutrition meetings ensure dedicated time to solve your problems and work through challenges.


A wide array of testing gives us more data about your health and allows for a greater opportunity to uncover the root imbalances that need to be addressed for optimal health and/or performance.


The road to leading a healthier, more balanced life can feel overwhelming, it is simply not easy, but with an accountability partnership by your side, I am here to support and facilitate better nutrition & daily habits..


Our sessions will teach you the foundation of nutritional science so you can gain confidence in how to care of your body for life and become your own healer.

Let’s get the conversation started.

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